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Webmax Solutions

New Delhi, Delhi

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SEO Services

SEO services are crucial for a successful online business and include services like keyword rich content and link popularity.

Considering the intense competition online, it is quite obvious that an online business needs to reach their target consumers to thrive in the huge Internet fraternity. For webmasters, it wouldn't be surprising to say that search engine optimization (SEO) is among the foremost requirements for a successful online business. A website which is not optimized would certainly be more or less non-existent, let aside the profits that will be earned by it.

SEO services India can primarily be divided into two categories - Off page and on page services, nonetheless the main objective of all these services is to place the website in top search engine rankings.

A website designed while keeping SEO requirements in mind can fetch you lucrative results as it draws more relevant traffic being in the higher SEO rankings. Content also holds great importance as one of the most crucial SEO techniques.

Not only it should be original and relevant, but enriching it with relevant keywords is also an essential requirement for an optimized website. Though it may sound simple at this time, but research and analysis of keywords involves a lot of investment of time and efforts, assigning the task to SEO professionals would therefore be a smart move. Meta tags and Title optimization also helps to attain higher SEO ranking. Submission with search engines is another of the SEO services India that is made available.

Link popularity SEO services involve linking your website to other websites that share the same theme and have a good SEO standing. There are various kinds of links that can be established such as one-way links, reciprocal or exchange links, and many others.

Relevant links not only enhances the search engine ranking of a website, but also increases the visibility of the website through the Web world and ensure more relevant traffic. So, if you look forward to the successful future of your online business, there is no way in which you can escape the SEO services India.

Search Engine Submissions
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A directory is organized into categories and subcategories. Human editors review each directory submission and evaluate the site's quality and relevance. Success only comes when you submit a high quality site to the proper category. Because the directory submission process is geared so specifically to each particular directory, we only submit by hand. An automated submission program can't adequately submit to any directory because it isn't able to study the directory's structure and determine which category is best.

Directories are very popular with Internet users and Yahoo is the biggest, most popular directory., a Web site that tracks the most popular Web sites in many different categories, consistently ranks Yahoo as one of the most visited sites on the Web. Yahoo is also the most difficult directory to get into. We make sure we follow their submission guidelines exactly to increase your chances.

Manual Search Engine Submission Takes Time

Although the manual submission process is the most effective, it involves many steps and can take a long time. These are the steps we take to ensure our submissions are successful:

Research search engines and identify those that we want to submit to.
Locate the "Add URL" link on the first search engine.
Enter the URL of your site, your name, and other information the search engine requires.
Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each of the remaining sites.
We are entering a lot of repetitive information here, so we have to be very careful about typographical errors. It can take weeks or months before your site ever actually appears in the search engine's database. You may have to submit to search engines several times before they index your site.

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Link Building / Link Popularity
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To measure the quantity and/or quality of sites that link back to your web page.

The top search engines view a link to your web page as a vote for your page. It is not only the volume of links to your page that is important but the quality and relevance of the pages that link to your page.

The facts: the more quality, relevant incoming links to your page, the higher the major search engines will rank your page.


Link Your Way to Popularity and Profits
Link building is an essential link to successfully marketing your website. Building links to and from your website works like a web-to-web recommendation. Besides, a lack of incoming links on your website puts you in a disadvantageous position because link analysis forms an important criteria in a search engine's ranking of your website.

It draws prospective customer targets to your website. However, it is important to gain the right connections on the World Wide Web. Because the quality of links on your website will determine your popularity and the flow of target customers. It will also serve as guide for online visitors to rate your trustworthiness. Incoming link building can be done from a variety of sources like directories, ezines, blogs, content providers, trade associations and others.

While link building is time-consuming, Webmax Solutions Seo team has developed a tried and tested Link Building Process (LBP) that can be customized to suit your linking needs. Our LBP will aid your website in gaining the competitive edge by attracting new customers, optimizing search engine rankings and boosting online presence.

Current Website Evaluation
Our evaluation of your website is intended to maximize your link-ability. It will include a total assessment of your website vis à vis your competitors and check the traffic from your current links

Link Building Strategy
Based on the website evaluation, Webmax Solutions Seo team will identify appropriate directories, portals, blogs, ezines and other information resources to build links to. We will further develop and build links to and from these varied sources to enhance your link popularity.

Link building goes a long way in ensuring the success of your website, improving your search engine ratings and enhancing the trust clients have in you.

Strategic link building is a proven, time-tested way to drive targeted traffic to your Website. Why? Because establishing quality, relevant links will not only boost your site's ranking in search engines, but create better visibility to customers seeking out your goods and services.

Quality link building takes a lot of time and effort. The practice itself demands that you make a solid argument as to why your site deserves that link. It takes an experienced, dedicated team to build key links with professional-looking sites in the same sphere where you do business.
That's where Webmax Solutions comes in.

Our seasoned SEO link-building experts will:

Analyze your site for the best link building opportunities
Manually contact those sites, build a case for you and ask for links
Establish both one way and reciprocal links
Help you build site visibility across the 'net
Save you the time and expense of building links yourself
Boost search engine ranking, sales and quality traffic
Deliver reports on how the links affect your business

Webmax Solution SEO team will build a network of relevant links to your site, driving quality traffic to your goods and services

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Pay Per Click (PPC)
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Pay Per Click (PPC)

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Increase Internet Profit
Reduce Your Cost Per Click
Outsource PPC Management and Maximize Online Revenue with PPC

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click is an online form of advertising that you only pay for when someone clicks on your ads. The placement of your ad is based on how much you bid. The more you bid against your competitors, the higher your ad will be placed on PPC search engines.

The primary benefit of pay per click is the immediate results and complete control it offers the advertiser. You can commit $50, or $50,000. You may target one set of keywords today, and if they don't work out you may target an entirely different set of keywords tomorrow.

As a short term strategy, pay per click is ideal. The drawback of PPC is the cost. A top position for some search terms can cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars each day. Over the long term, organic search engine optimization is much more cost effective.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is the fastest growing segment of online advertising.Not only is the market growing, the average cost per click (CPC) too is increasing at a rapid rate.Therefore, it is important for companies to have a professional and affordable pay per click campaign management service manage their PPC account. By outsourcing your PPC Management you will optimize your click price, increase your conversion rates and generate new sales. Benchmark PPC specializes in managing all aspects of client's PPC campaigns, from keyword selection to bid management, ad creation and ad testing. The ultimate goal is to increase the ROI and profitability of our clients

Get Quick Results - usually within 24-48 hours.
Pay Per Click advertising is highly targeted and results are quantifiable.
You only pay when a prospective customer clicks on your ad.
Unlike organic search engines, results are immediate and provides instant traffic to your website on ppc search engine.
PPC is the quickest and most effective way of promoting your products and services online.
You can experiment with different keywords, titles, descriptions.
You can set the bidding amount to fit your budget, making it cost effective.
Effectiveness of the advertisement can be easily measured.
By using PPC advertising you automatically get listed on other sites in sponsored or featured sections.

Why Webmax Solutions
# A professional Pay Per Click Management Service

# Click On Cost-Effective, Measurable Results
Internet user surveys reveal that if your website fails to feature on the first page of search engine rankings, you stand to lose around 40% of your target customers. Now, wouldn't it be great to have your website feature prominently on search engine pages? In addition, imagine having the privilege of selecting specific keywords that lead to your website when a search is done on search engines.

# Top Placement, Network Distribution
In addition to featuring your ad exclusively on the top meta search engine, Webmax Solutions will distribute your PPC ad to our network of partners who receive over a billion searches monthly. Several of our network partners also offer industry-specific searches, which ensures a targeted marketing solution for you.

# Bid for the Best
With a minimum bid rate of $0.01 for Google and $0.10 for Overture you can set your bid for each keyword you select on your Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign based on your budget and requirements.

At the end of the day, you pay only if someone clicks on your ad which leads to your website.

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Search Engine Optimization
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SEO Outsourcing
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SEO Outsourcing

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"Our Objective is to Grow your Business"

The outsourcing of SEO services to India include availability of a pool of highly talented SEO consultants at half the rates to what is available in US, Canada or UK. The outsourcing process is very smooth as the requirements and the reporting can be done easily over Internet.

Webmax Solutions is a India based seo company providing targeted, prompt and cost-effective website promotion services to its outsourcing partners and clients in international market. We organize and manage the team, administering on their behalf and reporting the progress of the process through out the project. We keep our team completely updated by consistent training them with recent development and advances in search engine optimization and internet marketing field.

The companies outsourcing their internet marketing related activities to us have met with reduced costs of promotion, vastly improved traffic flow and targeted customers to their website. The field of outsourcing of search engine optimization is rapidly changing with a ever increasing need by a lot of upcoming and existing organizations to pace-in more ways than one.

You can outsource your internet marketing activities to us ranging from organic search engine optimization and web site promotion to internet marketing strategies like link building campaigns and pay per click or ppc management. Our ultimate goal : high quality data entry work done cheap. The main purpose of outsourcing data entry works appears to be cost management through wage arbitrage as well as to remain focused on core competencies.

Advantages of SEO Outsource to India

Cost effectiveness
Optimum resource utilization
Time management

There are few articles and information available on the Internet describing hidden cost and consequences of outsourcing SEO services. But we have proved it a myth for the outsource partners and companies. Our IT outsourcing partner and Offshore SEO company can tell you the fact that they saved the money and time. This makes us a trusted outsourcing service provider in India . Your selection of our company as your SEO outsourcing solution provider proves to be in benefit of you and your clients.

Our SEO Outsourcing Service offers complete search engine optimization solution of Website outsourcing, Link Exchange outsource, Web Design outsourcing, Offshore Internet Marketing and offshore outsourcing web services.

The ABC's of Outsourcing SEO

# Algorithms. These are the major thorns in the side of the SEO industry. Many organizations have invested a fair amount of money in an SEO project without insuring that maintenance is part of the deal. Search Engines such as Google (and others as their technology improves) spend a lot of time redefining their algorithms, and therefore SEO must be updated as these algorithms change.

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SEO Content Writing
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SEO Content Writing

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Write Your Way to Sure-fire Online Sales and Profits

You seem to have done a great job at SEO optimising your site - it's obvious to everyone now that you rank high on search engine rankings. Visitors are drawn to your site. But what next, the visitors to your site don't seem interested in purchasing products or services, or for that matter buying anything from your site.

Well, now it's dawned on you, that SEO is not just about eyeballs but also about conversions. And what can do both, draw prospects to your site and convert them into customers? But of course, SEO Copywriting which is interesting key phrase rich content that interests search engines as well as visitors to your site. While graphics and multimedia play a role on your website, they can discourage usability, because finally it is text that sells.

SEO copywriters at Webmax Solutions are experienced marketing communication specialists, who write fresh content or rewrite existing content, which ensures that your website ranks high on search engines, gains the eyeballs of your target audience and converts them into avid customers.

Webmax Solutions offers three types of SEO copywriting services:

New Website Content Creation
Rewriting Existing Content
Graphic-Intensive sites

Finally, information is the key to keeping your customers happy. The more detailed and specific information you provide about your product or service, the less probability of them leaving your website to surf competitor websites.

Benefits of Seo Copywriting

Enhanced Traffic: With our specially researched and cooked up Keyword rich articles you just don't please your customers but also the search engines with an end result of exponential business growth;

Mammoth Market Presence: With our focused writers adding a clutter edge to your products with ravishing reviews, captivating the market can just be a child's play to you;

Outstanding Cost Cutters: With our dedicated writer hiring scheme, now you can dream of expressive sites that speaks for itself and generates better revenue with lesser expense.
At Webmax Solutions we create informative, easy-to-read content with both the reader and the search engines in mind. We know that effective SEO copywriting will not only help your web site rank higher in the search engines, but at the same time be informative and interesting to the reader.

Our SEO Copywriters adhere to these basic principles:

Communicate your business strengths
Develop content that will convert leads to sales
Create content that is informative, succinct and search engine friendly

Are you in need of content that not only sounds good but can help you rank well in search engines ?

Website Content
Article Writing
Optimized Press Releases
Volume Content Writing

The importance of content on a website can never be undermined. Web marketers, whether big or small, are slowly realizing that content is the most important element on a website. An SEO (Optimized), content rich website ranks higher on Search Engines and attracts more customers than one that has a lot of pretty images and simply looks good to the eyes.In the world of internet, where the human touch is missing, the role of content on a website varies from that of a teacher, a guide, a friend or a goal oriented sales man! There is no debating the fact that Content is KING! and the moment you start treating is like one the sooner it will give you results At Webmax Solutions

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SEO Consulting Services

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Do you need help with your search engine optimization? well you have come to the right place.

If you are saying to yourself do I really need an SEO Consultant then ask yourself "are you happy with your current online position in the search engines?" No, then you need our help. I can get you to where you need to be in the top search engines to achieve maximum online visibility with the use of my professional SEO Services.

Did you know that if your website is not in the top listings of Google you could be potentially losing 70% of your total online market? Or that if your website is not in the top 3 search engines you could be losing up to 90% of your total online market? Scary isn't it!

Having a great looking website is only the first step in becoming a successful Internet based company, your website needs traffic to survive, you also need the right traffic, people who are actively looking for the services or products your company provides.

Visibility on the Internet is determined by where your website is ranked in the search engines, if you want to see an increase in customers looking for your products then you have to be ranked higher than your competitors for keyword phrases related to you business.

There are many ways to increase awareness of your company on the web, though Pay Per Click Management (PPC), Search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEM) and website promotion.

SEO Services Benefits

    Amazing increase in online sale through website
    Increase quality & regular website ranking and traffic in search engines
    Sell benefits of your products and services

Our SEO and search engine marketing services are professional, comprehensive, and effective. With our help, your website will outshine the competition.

At Webmax Solutions, we're dedicated to helping you succeed and want to turn your vision into reality. Our seo experts are highly skilled and experienced in all areas of SEO, marketing, and web development, so you can be confident that you're receiving an effective and quality service.

We'll evaluate your site, look at your competition, look for opportunities and put together a long term plan of attack to establish your website as genuine asset to your business

As you would expect from a top SEO company, we are very thorough in assessing your needs and in our analysis of your website in order to clearly identify any strengths and weaknesses. A typical search engine optimisation project would be approached as follows:

    A review meeting would be held with the company either face to face or by telephone to determine goals for the SEO work
    A detailed ranking assessment of any existing website would be made using advanced SEO tools to identify all relevant keywords which are currently driving traffic
    An in-depth keyword analysis would be carried out to identify new target keywords for which the company could achieve top 10 ranking in Google (based on the inroads of any existing site) with appropriate SEO
    A search engine accessibility check would be made to ensure that your company website is fully search engine accessible.
    A website navigation check would be undertaken to check that the Website Design hierarchy reflects the importance of key products and services and ensures top content achieves search engine prominence

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