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Remote Data Monitoring System


The Remote Eye Monitoring System (REMS) is an effective means to capture and instantly transfer data (i.e. photo, audio, video, field comments and digital signature) authenticated by geo-stamps (i.e. time and coordinates) from remote sites to a central location.

It is a very effective tool to capture authenticated data from geographically spread project locations and present it centrally on a well indexed website. The data could contain pictures, video recordings, comments along with authentication of the location at which the data was captured along with the time and date of capture of data.

The captured data is instantly transmitted to the backend server through GPRS/3G connectivity. The server updates the website with the data and the same is available for viewing as soon as the transmission is complete.

Through the website, the project monitoring authority can monitor can monitor the progress of the project. Thus the system brings capability to monitor multiple projects across a wide geographical area in real time anywhere across the globe.

Disaster Management Automation


India is highly prone to both natural and man-made disasters like floods, earthquakes, drought, cyclone, accidents, epidemics, landslides etc. A disaster results in loss of life and property. For effective and efficient disaster management, access to most up-to-date information through reliable communication channels in real-time is imperative. Accurate spatial assimilation of pre-planned & real-time information and effective dissemination of this information is the prime concern during disaster management. While it is not possible to prevent disasters altogether, our intervention is to leverage on low-cost, state-of-the-art technology to minimize human suffering and economic loss.

Technology Automation for Management of Emergencies & Disasters (TAMED) is a state-of-the-art Emergencies and Disaster management technology with real-time wireless infrastructure to collect, store, analyze, communicate, co-ordinate & present, authentic/tamperproof information geo-stamped with GPS location & time, using a web based geo-information database/framework.

The geo-information data is used to auto-generate a Disaster Management Plan

TAMED helps to overcome limitations ofa traditional system by :-
  • Accurate, Authentic, tamper-proof data.
  • Real-time information transfer with a feedback mechanism to provide updated, relevant data/strategies to field, eliminating misinformation.
  • Digital Hazard-Risk-Vulnerability-Analysis (HRVA), what-if scenarios , SOPs, Checklists, roles/responsibilities linked to real-time field data.
  • Real-time event capture including photo, voice, hand-written notes, forms, status.
  • Auto-generation of analysis reports, statistics saving manual labour, human errors, paper trails.
  • Monitoring of reconstruction, restoration, compensation.
  • Database Archive for future disaster mitigation, accountability, traceability.

Areas where it can be deployed: In Government for effective Disaster Management, In Factories and large organisations for managing emergencies and disasters.

Complaint Management System


CMS is a state of art complaint management system for organizations, both public and private, Government departments, NGOs, etc. It is a single point web based complaint management system linking all departments in the organization and could take organizational efficiency to the next level. The system benefits the organization, employees and the consumer/citizen.

Using CMS, the head of the organisation can have information which is :-
  • Easily accessible
  • In Real time (without red-tape or delays)
  • With Authentic and accurate data, substantiated with information or proof
  • From any employee or consumer or citizen availing services from the organization
  • With infrastructure to track/follow up the complaint to closure, effectively & efficiently

Rural Health Information Systems


Health Remote Information System (RIS) remotely monitor the activities and collect information from geographically distributed Health care centres. Availability of doctors and health care workers, patient monitoring and information, tracking of benefits given and administrative support are some key elements in RIS.

RIS is very effective for managing distribution of medicines and nutritional supplements by government agencies, NGOs, charitable institutions, etc.,, detecting disease trends, managing and monitoring preventive vaccination, etc., thus enhancing the quality and timeliness of medical care to people.

GPS Based Estimations And GIS


GIS Mapping of Resources for Planningand estimation is based onGIS integration andGPS-mapping of infrastructure. It provides a powerful platform for GPS tagging field resources available and resources required with the associated information and geographically analysing the information for proximity, de-duplication, availability of resources etc.

Digital Estimation and Audit Mapping (D.E.A.M) , is a cutting edge technology for accurate estimation of extension surveys using state of the art GPS system and an integrated network system for auto-generation of survey reports, cost estimates and survey sketches stamped with authenticated data. DEAM aims to significantly reduce or eliminate losses and wastage due to inaccurate estimates. Both the field information and the spatial reports can be customized as per the specific need.

After the project is executed auditing by an audit team is feasible to verify and certify that the work has been actually executed in the field as desired. The system not only provides authentic information and means to verify the same, but also helps save time and effort put in by the survey officer in conducting the survey and field officers in conducting a field audit.

Areas where it can be deployed: in organisations which requires survey of infrastructure available, creating new infrastructure like roads, pipelines, check dams, Organisations which require calculation of distances in their operations.

Multi-lingual Mobile Survey Systems

Our mobile survey system is an end-to-end web based infrastructure to conduct large and complex Multi-lingual field surveys with 100s of questions with authentic data (photo, video, audio, hand written notes, signature) and text information. Thus, the survey can be monitored real time from distant locations.

Some feature of the system include
  • Ability to generate and edit the survey form in a remote location and transmit to multiple researchers spread across the country.
  • Multilingual survey form for data entry (with customised regional language touch keyboards) and UI display
  • User friendly forms for data entry
  • Support for stop and Resume - useful for large surveys when data may be entered in parts
  • Support for data recovery and resume from last point of entry (prevention of data loss)
  • Photo, video, audio and signature support (optional)
  • Authentication for text and media (optional)
  • Real time synchronization with backend server
  • Report generation in custom formats
  • Analysis with geo-information on maps

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